What is Portfolio Management Services?

Portfolio Management Services (PMS), service offered by the portfolio manager, is an investment portfolio in stocks, fixed income, debt, cash, structured products and other individual securities, managed by professional money manager that can potential be tailored to meet specific investment objectives.

Benefits of investing through PMS:

  • Professional Management– The service provides professional management of portfolios with the objectives of delivering consistent long term performance while controlling risk.
  • Continuous Monitoring– The portfolios are constantly monitored and periodic changes made to optimise results.
  • Flexibility – Portfolio Manager has fair amount of flexibility in terms of holding cash. He can create a reasonable concentration in the investor portfolios by investing disproportionate amounts in favour of compelling opportunities
  • Transparency – PMS provides comprehensive communications and performance reporting.
  • Customised Advice – PMS gives select clients the benefits of tailor made investment advice designed to achieve his/her financial objectives.

Who can invest in PMS?

Individuals and Non-Individuals such as HUF, Partnership firms, Sole proprietorship and Body Corporates with a minimum investment of INR 50 lakhs