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Algorithmically selected mutual funds to grow your money.

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Investing with Growmymoney saves you time and efforts

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Bring All your families’ investments at one place!

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Detailed Investment Dashboard with Super Analytics

One View Statement

We remove personal biases by letting algorithms choose the best recommendations for your family.

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We use encryption to securely store your data. We do not share your data with anyone.

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Power of Disciplined Investing

Client Testimonials

"With the educative approach of Growmymoney, my apprehensions of investing in mutual funds have been rested. I have started looking at wider array of investment options, thanks to them."

Rajan Sood Doctor

"I really appreciate the way Growmymoney has managed my portfolio across various market situations. It gives me a lot of comfort that my money is in trusted hands."

Sandeep Agarwal Lawyer

"Growmymoney has guided me to a disciplined approach in investing. I do not get anxious with short term fluctuations in the market now."

Manish Kumar Entrepreneur